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Breed - Tabby
Sex - male
Age - Adult

First, a word or two from Scooter...
Tall and lanky, I resemble a monkey with a hunger and thirst for high places. If you can’t find me at first, don’t worry, I can see you…from atop the fridge or any other delicious high tower. I prefer to patrol the premises as a curious explorer. You can find me almost anywhere. But first, can you keep a secret? Sometimes I spy on people. Hehehe. My latest adventure has led me on a special operation touring the kitchen cabinets. It’s a goldmine in there! The rest of the time I love to run, chase, climb, and dunk my toys in the water bowl. On a side note the most remarkable mystery is how the litter box cleans itself. I must learn more about it!

More about Scooter...
Scooter is a 6 year old male tabby. Scooter was adopted as a kitten with his sister Sparky. Unfortunately, Scooter and Sparky's owner gave them up. They are both looking for a forever home where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their days. Ideally, we would love to place them in a home together but they can be adopted separately. Scooter is up to date on his vaccines and is neutered. Both of his front claws have been declawed. He, like his sister, is healthy and has no health problems.

Scooter is an indoor cat and loves looking out of the windows. Neither Scooter or his sister Sparky are interested in people food and never try to jump on countertops or the kitchen table. Both can spot bugs/flies from 60 paces, very handy! Both Scooter and Sparky are very playful with each other, give each other “baths” and chase each other around and wrestle. Their favorite toys are caps from milk jugs. They love to chase them around as they roll. But at the end of the night, they love snuggling with you when you are sleeping.

If you are interested in adopting Scooter separately or adopting both Scooter and Sparky, please contact Debbie at (312) 218-4938 or complete an application.

All of our Fabulous Felines are spayed/neutered, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested, and up-to-date on vaccines.