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Chloe Bella
Chloe Bella

Chloe Bella

Breed - Lhasa Apso / Poodle / Min Pin Mix
Sex - female
Age - ~ 8 years old
Cat Friendly - TBD
Dog Friendly - Yes
Housebroken - Yes

Meet CHLOE BELLA!  This beautiful girl is an 8 year old, female, 15 lb Lhasa Apso / Poodle / Min Pin mix (results from DNA test).  Chloe Bella is terminally ill and is not adoptable.  After presenting with a distended belly that was tight as a drum (from the DAY we got her), coughing - uncontrollable at times, tremendously labored breathing, lethargy, extreme thirst, having her back legs frequently give out from underneath her, a seizure from pre-existing epilepsy, and weeks of terrifying moments for this very precious girl, it was determined after multiple tests and visits to the Vet Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove that our beloved Chloe Bella has Cushing's Disease (along with epilepsy, an immune mediated neuropathy, chronic urinary tract infections, and "dry eye").  She recently saw a cardiologist (Nov 2017) and was diagnosed with heart disease and given less than a year to live.  We are heartbroken!  Although precious Chloe Bella has a multitude of medical issues, she is the happiest dog ever!  Chloe is always smiling and wagging her tail.  She is the absolute sweetest dog and a huge snuggler.  Her previous family dumped her because they said she was aggressive towards their new child and actually called her a dangerous dog.  While in our care, we have not seen any of that behavior and she has been with people of all ages including children.  LLR is incredibly happy to have her because she is now receiving the medical care that she needed. 

Chloe has a very special bond with her Fabulous Foster Mom - so much so that she would have seizures if there was change and someone else took care of her.  Her Foster Mom loves her so much that she has committed to caring for Chloe until the end and will not be taking on any new foster pups.  Chloe is darling and has a wonderful life full of love from a family with 2 kids and 2 canine siblings.  Chloe is very happy and has fun every day!  Her foster family goes above and beyond to take of her.  All of Chloe Bella's medical issues require daily medications and she frequently sees veterinarians / specialists.  Her medical costs have exceeded $5,000.00 and will continue to grow.  PLEASE consider contributing to her fund.  Click below to make a donation in her name (we are grateful for ANY amount).  THANK YOU!!


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