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Breed - Maine Coon Mix
Sex - female
Age - 1-1/2 year old
Cat Friendly - Yes
Dog Friendly - TBD
Housebroken - Yes

Meet PORTOBELLA (BELLA)!  This beautiful girl is a 1-1/2 year old, female, 8 lb, Maine Coone Mix (still growing).  She came straight from West Virginia!  Her "family" moved out and abandoned her and their beautiful male dog (we are making arrangements to bring him here, too...) outside and left them behind!  They were literally starving!  A friend and I went there in search of a stray female dog and came upon these two.  The moment Portobella heard us, she came running from the forest and meowed nonstop because she was soooooo hungry!  Poor baby girl was extremely emaciated with bones sticking out.  She had been living underneath an abandoned house (see picture) for protection from the elements that was next door to the home from which she was actually abandoned.

Portobella is now safe in a foster home and is blossoming!  She is super friendly, playful, loves attention, and is sooooo much fun!  Bella plays with toys and is hilarious to watch as she runs back and forth kicking up her heels.  She is very agile and loves to be up high to gaze down on her world, so a 6' cat tree is highly recommended (check out Cat Tree Kingdom).  We were told by a family down there that she used to be their cat, but they gave her to the family that abandoned her because their nephew was allergic to her.  They said her mom is a Maine Coon, but they don't know who the daddy cat is.  Sweet Bella was so malnourished (we doubt she received good care at all during her young life) that she looked like a 6-month-old, short-haired kitten.  Now, she is filling out wonderfully (already doubled in size) and has glorious long hair with the most beautiful markings!  We feel very lucky to be part of this precious little girl's journey to find her Forever Family!  Portobella is spunky and loving and social!  She deserves a home where she will receive lots of love and be SAFE for the rest of her life!  Fill out an application, so you can be her lucky Forever Family! --- LS        

 Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

Cats who have a playmate tend to be more socially well-adjusted and tend to overcome behavioral issues like shyness or being frightened. Also, cats need stimulation during the day like humans. In an owner's absence, two cats will keep each other company and will provide a source of comfort to one another. Another benefit to having multiple cats, especially if they are a bonded pair, is that they will entertain each other and get the necessary exercise that they need through play.

To adopt Portobella, please complete an application.  If you want to enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat but not yet ready for the long-term commitment of adopting, perhaps fostering is more your speed. Please read our if you are interested in being a foster parent to one of our Adorable Adoptables.


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NOTE:   We do NOT adopt out single kittens.  You must either have a cat or kitten at home, or adopt a pair from LLR.  Also, we do NOT adopt out of state.  Our range is no further than 50 miles North / Northwest of Chicago and 30 miles South of Chicago.  

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