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Breed - Beagle / JRT Mix
Sex - male
Age - ~14 years old
Cat Friendly - Yes
Dog Friendly - Yes
Housebroken - Yes
Sanctuary / Hospice

Meet NILES!  This absolutely precious senior is a 14 year old, male, 35 lb, Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier mix.  Niles was dumped by his "family" at a kill-facility.  This poor, sweet boy has multiple lipomas all over his body (one HUGE one on his side) and at least 2 mast cell tumors.  We are not sure why anyone would EVER dump him because he is EASY, EASY, EASY!!!    When we first pulled Niles (his previous name was "Jaws" - we did not find the humor in that nor did it fit him), he became incredibly ill and developed pneumonia.  Niles was sick for almost a month.  He took his medication well and lied patiently for nebulizer treatments and mostly slept for those few weeks.  Once Niles was better, he became a new dog!  Niles is super sweet, has the cutest smile, and a spring in his step!  And what an expressive face!!  You can literally see the love in his eyes because he knows he is TREMENDOUSLY loved!  After Niles recovered from pneumonia, we discovered that he also had a collapsing trachea.  This poor pup!  Now, Niles is on specific medication for his trachea and is taking an anti-histamine, as well as holistic supplements for his mast cell cancer.  He is doing great!  Not only is Niles a little love, he is super smart!  He now knows "sit", "down", "wait", "stay", "watch me", and can also turn around in a circle in both directions!  He is currently working on doing a "figure 8" around his foster mom's legs.  Niles will do anything for food...  :-D  We are so happy that we met this precious pup and will ensure that he is Lovin' Life for the rest of his twilight time.  When he is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, he will do so comfortably in his home with the help of a compassionate hospice veterinarian while looking into the eyes of the foster mom whom he knows loves him deeply.

Please consider making a donation towards Niles' care, which will go towards all the medications that he takes, as well as the blood work that must be done every 2 months to check his kidney and liver functions since one of the medications he is taking is a steroid.  Additionally, because his trachea is collapsing, x-rays are taken every 6 months to check his heart, which can develop secondary issues. 



***  If you are interested in becoming a Hospice Foster Parent, contact foster@lovinliferescue.org.


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