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Ravi (Squeaker of the House)
Ravi (Squeaker of the House)

Ravi (Squeaker of the House)

Breed - Domestic Short Hair
Sex - female
Age - Sanctuary
Cat Friendly - Some
Dog Friendly - NO!
Housebroken - Yes

Meet RAVI!  This beautiful girl is a 5 year old (guess), female, 7 lb, DSH Buff kitty.  Ravi is the sweetest of the sweet!  All she wants is love!  What a snuggler!!  Ravi is a major lap kitty and is happiest just hanging out with you on the couch.  She likes to put her paw on you or lay her sweet little head on your leg. Her nick-name is "Squeaks" or "Squeaker" because she does not meow but makes these darling little squeaky noises instead.  SOOOOO ADORABLE!

We received a call from a concerned citizen on the South Side of Chicago about a stray kitty that was possibly hit by a car because it was dragging its hind legs.  The person said she had called several other rescue groups and after a few weeks no one came.  Although we have tremendously limited space for kitty intake, there is no way we could ignore an injured baby!  So, down we went to Dolton and found this precious, scared cat hiding under a car.  She was SO hungry, but she very cautiously came out from underneath to eat the food we brought.  We were able to catch her easily and took her straight to the vet.  X-rays showed no broken bones, so her mobility issues are neurological.  Ravi has since gained strength in her back legs and is able to walk on them, but she does drag them behind her when she goes to fast.  No need to feel sorry for her - she can pull herself onto a couch and climb a baby gate!  She also has no problem using the litterbox.  This little girl has "skillz"!  Ravi was definitely a street kitty and knows how to survive.  She defensively protects herself and will fiercely go after dogs, so no canine companions for her. She is not a fan of other kitties, but is co-existing with her foster kitties.  Ravi would be happiest as the only love of your life to soak up all the attention.  And she absolutely deserves it!  

Ravi means sunshine, which she embodies with her soft yellow color and warmly loving personality.   She will be your best friend and the most loving companion you will ever have!  Fill out an application, so you can be her lucky Forever Family!        

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