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About Lovin' Life Rescue

Pets are Family!Lovin' Life Rescue is a young, non-profit, 501(c)(3), companion animal rescue organization with a no-kill policy. United and inspired by our compassion for all animals, we focus our talents and previous rescue experience on saving dogs and cats in Chicago that are homeless, neglected, abused, or destined to be euthanized. In addition to supporting and participating in spaying & neutering, our contribution to helping make Chicago a No-Kill city is to educate the community with the simple mantra that “Pets Are Family”.

Each rescued animal is immediately provided with a comprehensive, veterinary exam. Our dogs and cats are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, heartworm tested (dogs), leukemia & FIV tested (cats), treated with parasite prevention, and microchipped. Next, the rescued dog or cat is placed into one of our Fabulove Foster Homes where he receives lots of TLC until he can become a permanent member of a forever family. Most of our rescues are well behaved and are ready for adoption. A few may need special care to recuperate from medical, mental, or physical neglect/abuse; or to regain their confidence and trust in people.

Our successful team is based on core values of friendship, integrity, and mutual respect for each other as a team. Our shared love for animals binds us to our common goal. LLR's primary focus is to utilize our skills and energies in innovative ways to save even more innocent lives by expanding our Fabulove Foster Home Network while we pursue funding for a special goal:  Lovin' Life Rescue's GREEN Animal Rescue Facility!

A key part of Lovin' Life Rescue's philosophy and practice is to build alliances with other cooperative rescue organizations, shelters, veterinarians, media, and caring companies. By working together, we can save more lives and eliminate the unnecessary deaths of so many adoptable animals while enhancing the lives of people as well.

Black and white cat playing with a ball"Pets do so much for the human spirit and enhance our very existence. They are a true part of the family, not just "the dog" or "the cat". When people come to realize that the animal that is always there for them is really like a trusted, loyal, family member, they will be less likely to relinquish him for reasons that can be avoided. Thus, fewer animals will end up being euthanized. There are too many adoptable animals but not enough homes. Keep them in your homes - PETS ARE FAMILY!"  (---Linda Schifferdecker, President & Founder)   

Lovin' Life Rescue needs caring people like you. Explore our site and find out how YOU can make a difference.


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