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First, a word or two from Sparky...
An expert at being too cute, I am equally resourceful in keeping myself entertained for hours. And just because I’m silent most of the time doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. Throw a play mouse and watch me run! Fill the food bowl and see how quick I dart! Pull back the covers and suddenly I’m there—tucking you into bed as I fluff the pillow and blankets for you. Don’t give up on me if I don’t let you hold me; I’d rather sprawl out for hours on your lap…just so you can massage my belly. And when your leg gets tired, or you need to shift positions, I promise not to leave in a huff. My happy eyes can prove it! I hope to get you purring as much as me.

More about Sparky...
Sparky is a 6 year old female tabby. Sparky was adopted as a kitten with her brother Scooter. Unfortunately, Sparky and Scooter's owner gave them up. They are both looking for a forever home where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their days. Ideally, we would love to place them in a home together but they can be adopted separately. Sparky is up to date on her vaccines and is spayed. Both of her front claws have been declawed. She is healthy and has no health problems.

Sparky is an indoor cat and loves looking out the windows. Neither Sparky or her brother Scooter are interested in people food and never try to jump on countertops or the kitchen table. Both can spot bugs/flies from 60 paces, very handy! Sparky loves lying on her back at your feet and getting “belly scratchings” with your foot. Both Sparky and Scooter are very playful with each other, give each other “baths” and chase each other around and wrestle. Their favorite toys are caps from milk jugs. They love to chase them around as they roll. But at the end of the night, they love snuggling with you when you are sleeping.

If you are interested in adopting just Sparky or adopting both Sparky and Scooter, please contact Debbie at (312) 218-4938 or complete an application.

All of our Fabulous Felines are spayed/neutered, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested, and up-to-date on vaccines.