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Maximus is is a youthful 11 year-old American Pit Bull Terrier looking for a loving home. Max's guardian took off, leaving him with his 77-year-old mother who wasn't a good match for this extremely handsome, agile, active, strong and sweet boy.

Maximus is an older dog but has the energy of a young lad. He loves the great outdoors and going for walks. Once outdoors, he takes care of business (he's very housebroken) and then it's time for a nice long stroll enjoying nature and being beside his favorite human. The remainder of the walk is all about how much ground he can cover. He seems to just love the exercise. He knows 'heel', and when released with 'free' he likes to trot just one step ahead. Max sits at every corner and gives the most fabulous eye contact. Max is not at all distracted by the noisy city life - garbage trucks, fork lifts, the hustle and bustle of people and cars going to and fro', etc. He's attentive and loves human contact. If you are interested in adopting Maximus, please complete an application. For more info on American Pit Bull Terriers, please pull up at the Pit Stop: What It Means to be a Bully Breed Owner and Keeping Up your End of the Leash .

If you want to enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat but not yet ready for the long-term commitment of adopting, perhaps fostering is more your speed. Please read our foster FAQ if you are interested in being a foster parent.


All of our Captivating Canines are spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested, on heartworm & parasite preventative, and up-to-date on vaccines.

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