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I first met Cornelius when Linda dropped him off at my house, as I decided over Christmas break that I was going to foster this “senior” cat.  His owners were going to put him down due to a medical condition and I just couldn’t allow that to happen.


When Corney came to me, we discovered that he had severe glaucoma and a UTI infection.  After the second week of having him in my life I knew that I wanted him to stay with me forever. I decided to adopt him as soon as he got the all clear on his health issues.  Through five months of continuous visits to vets and eye specialists, Corney remained brave yet sweet through it all.  At one point he was on 10 different drops a day in his eye but he didn’t ever seem to mind.  When I would administer his drops, I would just call his name and he would jump up on the bed and take his medicine (and of course, a treat) without complaint.  He eventually lost his left eye but made a full recovery and at 10 years old, is now better than ever. 


He is the most adorable little guy that you could ever meet.  Although he is very gentle, sweet and affectionate, he commands a presence no matter what room he is in.  His favorite hang-outs are on top of the bed, where he has a clear view of his “kingdom”, and in his mom’s arms, where he sleeps every night.  When he’s not ruling, he enjoys lounging in his cat bed, sitting on his throne (a chair with a pillow on it which he knocks down so he can sit on top of it) begging for treats on the footstool or playing with his brother Gator.  He’s very vocal and makes so many different sounds, including an adorable trill every time he jumps up on something. 


Cornelius comes running whenever you call him and he answers to about 25 different monikers.  Some of his favorites are “Corn Corn”, “Corn Muffin”, “The Muffin”, “Corn Cobb”, “Baby Corn”, “Angel Face”, “The Corn-plainer”, “Captain Monocle” and “General Cornwallis”. 


He adores his younger brother Gator (another Russian Blue); they groom and chase each other all of the time.  Although they have filtered pet water fountain, Corney prefers to drink his water from his private clear glass dish in the bathroom.  He also loves getting brushed and playing with toys that have long strings.  Despite their 8 year age difference, you would think that Gator and Corney were littermates as they look so much alike and play so well together.   

Corney, however, doesn’t share the same affections for his big sister, Otter.  Otter is an 11 year old Rottweiler/Lab mix, who is a very well-behaved and gentle older dog.  Otter knows that Corney rules the house so she tries to avoid him whenever possible, but sometimes, when the mood strikes him, Corney stands guard outside the room and doesn’t let her pass from one room to the next. 


One time, we were watching a movie in the living room when Gator got spooked by something and let out a pathetic yelp.  Corney, sitting all the way in the bedroom on his throne, leaped into action and came tearing down the hall to protect and defend his scared and puffed up brother.   Not knowing the cause of his brother’s cry, Corney immediately assumed it was Otter’s doing, so he charged her and smacked her in the face numerous times.  Because Corney came to me declawed, Otter was of course, not hurt, but nonetheless, completely dumbfounded.  We laughed about the most brave, little one-eyed, de-clawed, Rottweiler-attacking cat for weeks afterwards.   


I cannot even begin to express the amount of love and joy that he brings into our life.   Adopting Cornelius was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  We all adore him and are grateful every day that he’s a part of our family.