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Breed - Siamese Mix
Sex - female
Age - Sanctuary
Cat Friendly - Yes
Dog Friendly - Yes
Housebroken - Yes

It's hard to imagine that this absolutely gorgeous girl was a street kitten...! 

We are a small organization without a facility,so we rely only on foster homes.  It is more difficult to find foster homes for cats than dogs; unfortunately, we receive more calls for help for homeless / stray kitties than dogs.  Because we have no place to put them, we really cannot help.  However, one day we received a call from a woman who said there was a cat who had been hit by a car and was in her front yard and couldn't move.  Immediately, we sprang into action for this injured baby!  When we arrived, we saw a dirty, mangled-looking cat who appeared to have no use of her back legs (see pictures above).  As we spoke to the woman who called, we found out that she had seen this cat as a stray for several weeks.  About a week prior, she had noticed that the kitty seemed to be walking funny and had bloody wounds on her body.  The woman figured she had been hit by a car.  As the days progressed, the kitty became more wobbly and eventually couldn't use her back legs and was just using her front legs to drag her little body around.  That was when the woman called for help. 

Injured animals can be dangerous and lash out in their pain, and I wasn't sure if this little girl was going to be a scrapper even with her limited mobility - she had such a crabby look on her face! I was able to easily retrieve her by tossing a towel on her, scooping her up gently with extra care for her back legs, and placed her in the carrier.  I went immediately to the Emergency Vet!  She was dehydrated, but the xrays showed no broken bones.  They said she was stable to go home, and I should monitor her and consult with our regular vet to discuss seeing a specialist regarding possible spinal injury.  I set her up in my bathroom and she ate voraciously.  To my surprise, she actually used the litterbox from the very beginning!  It was a small one with short sides, but I made a ramp out of a towel, so she could pull herself into it without having to drag & scrape her legs over the sides.  She wasn't warm and friendly, but she wasn't super feral.  And this baby was a BABY!  She was only about 6 months old!  I decided to call her Izhali after my cat Lahzi who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 6 months earlier.  Lahzi was my heartbeat and he was a beautiful, blue-eyed, lynx-point Siamese that I had adopted from Tree House in 2001 (he is the cat pictured at the top of the page).  He had Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a neurological disorder that affects motor skills, so he was a wobbly boy.  Her blue eyes and her coordination issues reminded me of my precious Lahzi, Izhali is Lahzi spelled backwards with an "i" at the end.