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Breed - Brown Tabby with Orange
Sex - female
Age - Sanctuary
Cat Friendly - Yes
Dog Friendly - Yes
Housebroken - Yes

Elysia is a bonded pair with her sister, Halle.  Because they are quite shy and it took about five years for Elysia to allow herself to be petted consistently, they are both Sanctuary Kitties.  We believe it would not be fair to them to have another adjustment period leaving them scared for years before they came out of their shells again.


Our sweet Elysia has been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, which is very serious and life-threatening for cats.  She is a shy kitty and was acting normally, but one evening her foster mom noticed that she seemed to be able to get two pets in instead of one before Elysia ran away.  The next morning, her foster mom knew something was definitely wrong when Elysia let her pet her and pet her and pet her before she walked away and came back for more.  She went immediately to the vet for blood work, an ultrasound, and hospitalization.  On an ultrasound, usually the affected area shows up in a bright way.  Our vet said that Elysia's pancreas and entire surrounding area lit up like a Christmas tree!  Her blood work was not great and it showed that her liver was beginning to fail.  Initially, I was worried that it might be FIP, which is a feline disease with no true cure and strikes with no warning nor rhyme or reason.  I was somewhat relieved and just knew inside that Elysia would be fine.  I told one of the vets that she was going to be another LLR Miracle Kitty, and the vet looked at me with an expression of, "Yeah, I don't think so...".  She told me that acute pancreatitis is rare in cats and VERY serious with a VERY POOR prognosis for survival.  In the 9 years that she had been there, Elysia was her second case.  No matter, I knew that she was going to make it!    


In 2008, Hazel, one of our Captivating Canines, slipped out of the one collar that her foster had put on her and took off running.  Lost.  While we were looking for her, we received a call about a litter of kittens on the UIC Campus (in the vicinity of our search).  It was the end of summer break and quiet.  We brought a few traps, carriers, and fishy canned food and were ready to catch some kittens!  There were five in total and they were darling!  They were behind some bushes near a dormitory and even though they were definitely shy with us, they hand no fear of walking around out in the open on the sidewalk.  NOT safe in an environment that would soon be teeming with students on bicycles, walking / texting and not paying attention, and even those that just find amusement in tormenting helpless animals.  We set up the food stations and were able to easily grab two, not so easily grab one, and one kitty (Elysia) went into the trap.  This all took about three hours. We could not catch the beautiful calico and she would not go into the trap.  She was breaking our hearts, though, because she knew she was alone and was mournfully meowing in search of her siblings.  You could hear the fear and anxiety in those sad meows.  It was an hour later, and we had to leave.  We hadn't seen her in several minutes, but we could still hear her meows.  We did one last check at the trap.. and she was inside!  What a relief!!  In the end, tragically, our sweet Hazel was hit by a car and died.  Although we lost one precious life, we saved five others because of her.  So, we named the kittens after Hazel by using each letter of her name as the first letter of theirs:  Halle, Aramis, Zelia, Elysia, Lamia. 

Elysia is just precious!  She is a very shy girl, but she wants love so badly!  Both she and Halle have the softest, squeaky little meows, and Elysia will squeak at you and start rubbing against things when she wants you to pet her.  Then she plays hard-to-get...  She can only handle a little bit and then she gets nervous and darts away, but it just melts your heart!  She loves her sister and another foster brother.  They are three peas in a pod!  They have a LOT of fun together and love to literally chase each other throughout the house.  We're pretty sure they had parts in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon because it sometimes looks as though they are running on the side of the wall and then leaping in slow motion as they bounce off a cat tree! 

Halle is an absolutely gorgeous calico girl. Halle is fun-loving and has a blast chasing and being chased by Elysia and another foster brother! She also loves attention and will seek it out by meowing at your feet if you are working at your computer desk or just crawling in your lap if you're on the couch. The icing on this little lovebug's cake is she will sleep curled up next to your legs in bed. Although Halle is a little lover, one false move and she is off in a flash!  After all this time, she is still very cautious, but it is so endearing that she wants love so badly that she will put herself in an uncomfortable position to try again.  Then she relaxes and it makes you feel like all is right with the world.   

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