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Honors, Memorials and Bequests

A Special Way To Honor A Loved One In Your Life

There is no better way to honor and recognize a special person or animal than with a gift to Lovin' Life Rescue. Occasions, such as a birthday, an anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, weddings, promotions or a retirement, are truly important experiences in our loved ones' lives.

Please contact Susan (contribute@lovinliferescue.org) and provide her with the "Honoree Information". She will need the honoree's name, the name and address of the person you wish to receive the gift acknowledgement, a special note for the honoree, and your own name and address.

Memorial Gifts

In times of loss it can be hard to find the right words to express your sorrow or condolences. Through making a memorial gift, you can show you care and help PLLC make a better world for animals.

Please provide Susan (contribute@lovinliferescue.org) with the name of the loved one or special animal who has passed away, your own address, and whether or not you would like us to send an acknowledgment card. Please include the name and address of the person you wish to be notified.


Give the gift of longevity through a bequest or planned-giving gift. Your bequest to Lovin' Life Rescue could include:

  • the whole or a portion of your estate
  • a specific sum of money
  • real estate
  • stocks and shares

We would be happy to talk to you more in depth about your specific situation and gift. Send an email to contribute@lovinliferescue.org for more information.

Thank you for your generosity! We are eternally grateful!

We receive no city, county, state, or federal funding, and rely entirely upon contributions from caring animal lovers like you to help us continue our work in saving the lives of homeless animals.

To make a donation by check, please mail payment to:
1150 North Lake Shore Drive, #23F
Chicago, IL 60611
Make check payable to Lovin' Life Rescue
Thank You!